The New Mom Project is proud to have the opportunity to establish a system which will make doula care and support available to families who it is otherwise not accessible to, due to financial barriers. This program will build resilience, confidence, peer to peer connection, and in doing so, establish healthy foundations for families in need.

This upstream approach to maternal wellness and support is essential in helping to curb rates of maternal and child ill physical and mental health, that are proven to be higher in newcomer and impoverished populations. Creating a network of support for new moms is empowering and can address the social determinants of health in unique ways.

Our program will provide culturally specific, LGBTQ sensitive and inclusive care.

How do I Qualify ?

The New Mom Doula Program, will support current NMP clients who have an approved referral. Please speak to Gwen first before submitting an application for the doula program for your client.  expectant mothers via peer connection and the professional support from a trained doula. Participating soon to be mothers will live in Toronto. All participants will currently be facing economic disadvantage, have no support person, and most will be newcomers. Partnering agencies with The New Mom Project will be eligible to submit their clients for the pilot program based on their expected due date and interest in receiving doula support.  Please email Gwen at to inquire if this program is right for your client. 

About The New Mom Doula Program

The program will be administered by our Program Coordinator, Kate Sissons, a Doula and experienced mentor. 

The New Mom Doula Program will be composed of a combination of group and one-on-one support, to reduce isolation and establish meaningful connections with mothers in their community. Group sessions will include one childbirth education class, led by experienced doulas, and one postnatal self care and mental health session, facilitated by a registered nurse. Doulas in training will provide one prenatal home visit, labour support and two in home postnatal visits, to participating mothers to be. The doulas will practice under the supervision of the Program Coordinator, who is an experienced doula.

Doula care involves committed emotional and physical support through the birthing process, as well as advocacy and support to navigate the hospital system during the birth. The New Mom Doula Program will create a relationship between the doula and the mother in order to address the maternal health disparity that is present for marginalized and vulnerable mothers and infants.  The support of a doula helps foster healthy connections and attachment between the mother and child creating the basis for a healthy family, and is evidenced to decrease medical interventions during birth.

Surveys will be distributed before and after care to determine changes in overall satisfaction levels and feelings of support and connection.