New Mom Project is proud to accept your monetary donations through our Canada Helps account. Please click the link below to contribute to the New Mom Project Baby Box, purchasing new car seats for our clients and for our program costs.  Every little bit helps!

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We would like to provide a forum for people to donate gently used or new items to families in need who may not be able to search out this service on their own. Please ensure that your donation has not been recalled by checking with the Health Canada website.  We strive to provide safe, quality and useful items to our clients.  We ask that you donate items that are in full working order with no missing parts. It is not responsible of us to distribute any items that are broken, missing pieces or appear unsafe.

Baby gear should be no more than 10 years old in order that it meets current safety standards, otherwise it will not be distributed to our clients. 

The New Mom Project distributes gently-used baby clothes and gear to families in need. We operate a Clothing Bank through which we accept children’s clothing and outerwear up to school age, and maternity wear.  Toys, books, and other accessories are also welcome.  We are always in need of important items like; formula, pack and plays, high chairs, strollers and cribs. We also operate a Diaper Bank through which we accept diapers of all sizes, open packs are welcome, and wipes.  Your monetary donation will help us provide new car seats for families.

Current list of what we are NOT accepting:

-Breast pumps (manual or electric)

-Used Car Seats

-Used Bottles and pacifiers

-Dropside Cribs

-Change Tables



-Gear that is older than 10 years

-Items on the recall list

-Broken, missing pieces or damaged items

**Please note that if we receive these items they may be disposed of or passed on to another charitable organization.  Gear that has not been requested or has sat at our storage for longer than 4 months may be passed on or sold to raise funds for NMP.

At this time we are unable to offer a pickup service.