Thank you from York University Nursing students. We have been greatful, and enjoyed being with you this year at the New Mom Project. During the year we received a lot of feedback from the mothers who came to New Mom Project, and as a community support we have found some solutions for your requests. Thank you all the information you gave us about your experience and about your needs.

What supports would help you more? This question gave us many responses. Mothers we spoke to are looking for housing support, and social groups. To resolve these needs we found options that are offered to the public:



Above are links for child care, housing, health, and education.


While being at New Mom Project we gathered some data about what clients had to say about quality, and availability at New Mom Project; and their experience being a new mom.

We found barriers regards to education, but having guest speakers can fill that gap. Guest speakers that could come in to discuss breastfeeding, counseling, time management, work skills, and jobs.

We had a lot of fun! We had a lot of chances to speak publicly to ask mothers about their family. Our time at Jansens Johnsons and Johnson was excellent, and donating gifts to people downtown was a lot of fun. Thank you for having us Janice, Emma, and Gwen. Happy Holidays!


Janice Kienapple and Emma Curtis