Ever wonder if your infant is getting enough sleep? Here is a quick guide to just how much sleep they should be getting and need!

AgeSleep Amount
Newborns– 14-18hrs of sleep per 24hrs
– Many brief periods of sleep, ranging from 30 mins to 3-4 hrs at a time 
– Awake for 2 hrs or less at a time 
– May cry a lot or have a fussy period of 3-6 hrs, usually in the evening or at night 
– May sleep more during the day than during the night 
2-6 months – 14-16hrs of sleep per 24hrs 
– 2-3 naps, ranging from 30 mins to 3hrs at a time 
– After 3 months, naps become more regular 
– May still have a fussy period, usually in the evening 
– May have longer sleep periods at night 
6-11 months– 11-14hrs of sleep per 24hrs 
– 2 naps, ranging from 30 mins to 2hrs
12 months– 10-13hrs of sleep per 24hrs 
– 1-2 naps, ranging from 30 mins to 2hrs

By: Krista Guan and Tiffany Ho