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Referrals will be accepted from agencies and health care professionals (e.g. midwives, doctors, nurses, social workers, housing workers and shelters), not individuals or families.  Requests without a referral will not be processed. Referrals need to be emailed or sent from the referring agent, not the individual seeking help.  If you are a family in need, speak with an agency that you are working with and direct them to our website. They will be able to contact us and access donations on your behalf.  If you are making a request for larger items, please note that we will contact the referring agent to discuss the request before we process the referral. 

Please click here to use our New Moms Project-Referral-2015-digital NMPwaiver&release to ensure that we have all the information necessary to process your inquiry.  Referrals can be emailed to .  Please allow at least 72 hours for us to respond to your request and note that it can take 6-8 weeks to process a referral.

If you are a new agency accessing our services, please click here to fill out the  Agency Registration Form so that we have your contact info added to our data base.  This will allow us to faster process any subsequent referrals you make.

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