Referrals will be accepted from agencies and health care professionals (e.g. midwives, doctors, nurses, social workers, housing workers and shelters), not from individuals or families.

How to Qualify for Help: 

The New Mom Project supports low income families who are newcomers, parents, moms, dads and grandparents living in Toronto and the GTA.   If you are a family in need, speak with an agency that you are working with and direct them to our website. They will be able to contact us and fill out the referral form for you.

Make a Referral:

If you are a new agency accessing our services, please click here to fill out the  Agency Registration Form so that we have your contact info added to our data base. After we receive your registration we will send you the login information to start submitting referrals. Any questions can be addressed through email at

Referrals can now be sent through our online form, with accompanying documents;

  • proof of ID
  • proof of income

being sent through email, or regular mail, we do not accept faxes.

Receiving Help:

Once we receive the referral, clients are welcome to drop into our office to pick up their items.  We are no longer calling clients individually.  If they require an appointment at a time outside of our office hours, please email us to book a time. If you are making a request for larger items, please note our inventory is based on what we receive as donations, consists of gently used items and is always changing. Clients are eligible for  a total of 5 visits to ensure that they have obtained all of their necessary items.

Can I just drop in without a referral?

No. Requests without a referral will not be processed. Referrals need to be submitted online from the referring agent, not the individual seeking help.