A Guide to our Program for New Moms :

“NMP Clothing and Diapers Bank”

Step 1 : Obtain a referral

  • How can I get a referral?

Referrals applications are to be completed from agencies and health care professionals (e.g. midwives, doctors, nurses, social workers, housing workers and shelters), not from individuals or families.
Send your healthcare provider or agency to the following link : Referral Application Process

  • What documentation will I have to provide?

Our program is for low income families, a proof of ID and Income are to be provided to the agency you are working with upon submission of your application.
Those information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be needed in order to approve your application.

  • How will I know if my referral has been approved?

Unless closed for holidays, we process referrals in a timely manner, we will contact your agency regarding your application status.
We invite you to follow up with your agency.

  • What if I have any questions regarding the referral application ?

For referral related inquiries you can contact us at nmp.referrals@gmail.com

Step 2 : Book an appointment

  • How does it work ?

Each appointment will be 30 min long, you will be able to look at items and pick what you need with the support of one of our volunteer who will guide you through the process, please feel free to express any concern during this time, they will make sure to provide all the help needed.

  • Is it like a store ?

No! Keep in mind this program is for basic baby necessities and that all our items come from donations, we will provide you with a list of things you can take and will give you up to 5 visits to collect all the items needed.

  • Can I just show up without appointment, or referral?

No! No request will be processed without a referral and an appointment.
Note that different days are available for you to book your appointment depending if you are a new or returning client.

  • Can I tell my friends to come if they are in need?

We want to help as many mothers as possible, and to do so we need to keep the procedure to access our program fair and identical for every mom.
If you know someone in need tell them to talk about us to their healthcare provider to have an application filled for them.

We look forward to helping you and your little one(s)

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