The New Mom Project was founded by Gwen Broda. Gwen is a nurse and full-time mother of three based in Toronto. Gwen has decided to commit her time to make The New Mom Project successful. Gwen was inspired to start the project after reading about the baby boxes that Finland provides. She believes strongly that Canadian mothers should have access to this kind of support and she decided to do something about it.

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Our charity registration number is 803137579RR0001

The New Mom Project was started in February 2014 to support low-income families ensure that families had the basic necessities to care for their babies. The New Mom Project has since become a registered charity and helped over 1500 families by providing clothing, diapers, blankets, toys, car seats, strollers, cribs and more to make sure no family is lacking in items to care for their infant. The baby bundles we provide contain a range of clothing in different sizes up to 12 months, diapers, wipes, blankets, toiletries, a toy and book, seasonal outerwear. Clients are welcome to request larger items that are available as per the donations received from the community.

The New Mom Project was founded to reflect the ideals of the Finnish Baby Box program that provides every expecting family with a box full of essentials for the baby’s first year of life. We have recently been able to provide the baby box along with our bundle thanks to The Baby Box Company’s initiative to provide everyone in Ontario with a free box. As poverty is a huge problem in Toronto, many families find it difficult if not impossible to prepare for their baby with safe and clean items. The New Mom Project is operated within a community health framework with a focus to provide safe sleeping environments, safe car seats to bring baby home from the hospital, carriers or strollers to reduce isolation and provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, as well as seasonal clothing for the infant.

The New Mom Project is run by volunteers and governed by directors who are midwives, nurses, social workers, and mothers. Volunteers work hard to sort through the donations, prepare bundles, deliver packages to families, plan fundraising events, and coordinating social media. We work through an application process and accept applications from our community partners, who are: all major hospitals, midwife clinics, shelters, community health centres, and Toronto Public Health programs.

About our founder: The New Mom Project was founded by Gwen Broda, a Toronto mom of 3 and nurse who experienced the hardships of being a working mom yet not qualifying for maternity leave benefits. She was inspired by the Finnish Baby Box program and decided to apply those principles here in Toronto to support families in need and provide for their new babies. She sees The New Mom Project as a community resource for the health care workers in Toronto and the GTA as they strive to support their clients. Gwen cares very deeply about the health of families and supporting moms in their motherhood journey, as it takes a village to raise happy, healthy children. The New Mom Project is that village for many Toronto families with nowhere else to turn.