Meet our Winter 2020 Nursing Students

Hello! My name is Hansol, and my name is Zobia. We are 4th year nursing students from York University and we will be doing our placement here at the New Mom Project until April 3,2020. While we are here, we would like to cover important topics regarding mom and child care such as car seat […]


PART TWO How play helps Children’s DevelopmentPlaying is a natural and enjoyable way for children to keep active, stay well and be happy. Freely chosen play helps children and young people’s healthy development. To have good physical and mental health and to learn life skills, they need various unstructured play opportunities from birth until they’re […]


PART ONE Why play is ImportantPlay improves the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and young people. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves. They also learn skills they need for study, work and relationships such as:  confidence  self-esteem  resilience  interaction  social skills  independence  […]

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

What is SIDS? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an infant less than one year old of age. It normally happens during sleep, and it cannot be predicted or prevented. Tips to reduce risks of SIDS Smoking during pregnancy exposes unborn babies to tobacco smoke which is one […]

Recommended Safe Sleep Practices

Tips to help your infant sleep well Respond to your infant’s cues day and night. Learn the cues that mean your infant is tired, yawns, losing interest, quiet, whines more or eye rubbing Aim for a flexible feeding and sleeping routine based on the needs of your infant.  Establish a brief routine before bedtime and […]

Guide to Infant Sleep Patterns

Ever wonder if your infant is getting enough sleep? Here is a quick guide to just how much sleep they should be getting and need! Age Sleep Amount Newborns – 14-18hrs of sleep per 24hrs– Many brief periods of sleep, ranging from 30 mins to 3-4 hrs at a time – Awake for 2 hrs or […]

Meet our Fall 2019 Nursing Students

Hi there! My name is Krista, and my name is Tiffany. We are 4th year nursing students from York and we will be doing our placement here at the New Mom Project until December. While we are here, we would love to talk to you, to get to know you and ultimately support you. We […]

Tips for Employment and Financial Support

Financial Opportunities for Stay-at-home Moms 1-Take paid surveys Answering online paid surveys is one of the ways to earn easy extra money. Plus, these are the things you can do even if you’re pregnant, on bed rest, or just killing time. Below is the list of legitimate survey companies: – Opinion Outpost is one of […]

How to Manage Stress as a Mother

Have you been feeling additional stress with your new little one beingborn or currently on the way? The beginning of motherhood can be challenging as you begin the adjustment period of an additional family member. According to studies, long-term stress can lead to problematic parenting! How do mother’s develop stress? Stress is typically caused by […]

Meet Our New Students!

Hi everyone, we are Andrea and Julia, the new 3 rd year York University Nursing students doing our community placement here at The New Mom Project and will be here until the end of March. During our stay, we are planning on covering various topics such as; post-partum depression, breastfeeding, milestones, etc. We would like […]